Jhelum: Two students caught playing notorious “Blue Whale Challenge”


The suicidal game Blue Whale Challenge found its way in Punjab, as previously cases of people playing the notorious Blue Whale Challenge were reported from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Recently, two girls were found playing this challenge. Both girls had inflicted injuries on their arms using blades.

Blue Whale Game played in Pakistan

In keeping with details, the victims are students of the Government Girls Degree College Pind Dadan Khan in Jhelum. The victims identified as Warda and Manahil are studying at intermediate level, however are expelled from the college after revelation of their morbid endeavor. One of the victims had reached 22nd level and the other was playing at 18th level.

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Victims’ fellow student discovered that both of them were playing this game and informed the teachers about this matter. After learning about the matter, Raheela Chandni, the college principal, called the students’ parents and explained the scenario.

The principal maintains that both girls have been expelled after consultation with their parents. She said that the step was taken in order to “prevent other students of the college from being influenced” by the malign sensation.

The Blue Whale challenge is a notorious online game which results in player’s death. A series of tasks assigned by the administrator are hurled at the player who is required to submit proof to the administrator. Players are compelled to perform self-harming tasks such as carving the outline of a blue whale on their arms.

These daily tasks kick off with easy pickings such as listening to certain genres of music, waking up at odd hours, watching a horror movie etc. The tasks deliberately intensify to self-harming feats such as carving out shapes on one’s arms, self-mutilation and eventually suicide.