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JI delegates visit Archbishop of Karachi: Certain elements are sowing dissensions between us


A delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami a mainstream political party visited the Archbishop of Karachi at Bishop House. The JI delegates met with Archbishop Joseph Coutts and conveyed the message of JI Leader Senator Siraj ul Haq. This meeting resulted in reiterated aims of upholding peace and interfaith harmony in the country.

Jamat e Islami delegation visits Archbishop of Karachi

The delegates were received with cordial warmth by the Archbishop who appreciated their efforts for upholding interfaith harmony. The JI delegation conveyed Senator Siraj ul Haq’s message to Archbishop Joseph Coutts, saying that he highly appreciated and welcomed the statement from Pope Francis in which the Pontiff had declared that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

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At this occasion, Bishop Joseph Coutts told the delegates that certain elements are bent on defaming Islam. He asserted that there is a deliberate effort to sow contention between Christians and Muslims. He said that Christianity and Islam promote peace and are staunch advocates of peaceful living.

Both religions forbid atrocities that are prevalent in contemporary times, at the same time promote love for humanity. Bishop Joseph Coutts said that he will convey JI delegation’s sentiments to Pope Francis. Archbishop Joseph Coutts holds the office of National Director of Caritas Pakistan and is known for his active involvement in inter-faith dialogue with Muslims and other faiths. He also serves as the President of Pakistan Catholic Bishops Conference.