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Jirga context: A father puts his daughters on sale to raise money to pay fine imposed by jirga


Sindh jirga system

SUKKUR: A father puts his daughters on sale to raise money to pay a fine imposed on his son by a local Jirga.

According to media reports, Ghulam Rasool Kotahar put his daughters on sale in front of the Jacobabad Press Club with an intention to raise money to pay a fine of 1.6 million Rupees which was imposed on his son by a jirga.

In line with details, Ghulam Rasool is resident of Abdul Kareem Khoso village, of Sindh province. Ghulam Rasool brought his four small daughters to Jacobabad Press Club and offered them for sale while beginning the auction.

While talking to the media, Ghulam Rasool said that a local policeman, Ghous Bux Khoso, had accused his son, Ghulam Shabbir Katohar, of allegedly having illegitimate relations with his daughter.

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“ Since then, the policeman started pressuring me to reconcile the matter through jirga or get ready for the dire consequences,” he said, adding, “my son is innocent and the policeman wanted to implicate him in the case only to extort money.”

Ghulam Rasool maintained that the accuser policeman ultimately prearranged a jirga which was headed by Muhabat Khoso, who is a local landlord. Few days back the jirga summoned Ghulam Rasool to present his clarification. “After recording the statements of both the parties, the landlord declared my son as karo and slapped a fine of Rs1.6 million. I refused to accept the verdict of the jirga and left.”

Shortly, after Ghulam Rasool refused to accept the Jirga’s decision, the accuser policeman became infuriated and started hurling threats to him. He threatened Ghulam Rasool to kill his son. “Therefore, I am forced to sell my daughters to pay the amount of fine,” Ghulam Rasool says.