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Jordan’s Christians Are Housing Both Christian And Muslim Refugees From Iraq And Syria


Jordan’s Christian population is struggling to house incoming Christian refugees from Iraq.

Jordan's Christians housing refugees from Iraq and Syria
Jordan’s Christians housing refugees from Iraq and Syria

According to media reports, Jordan is receiving a large number of refugees fleeing ISIS. Jordan’s Christian population is already worn out by emigration and now is struggling to support a throng of incoming refugees including Christian and Shia Muslims, Yazidis from Syria and Iraq.

Father Rifat Bader, from Lebanon reports that his parish is actively giving impermanent shelter to 40 refugees, who cannot safely return to their homes in Iraq. “Jordan may be safe, but they will not be allowed to remain here,” he told the international Catholic charity, Aid to the Church in Need.

Father Bader further reported that there are 180,000 Christians now living in Jordan, while another 70,000 have travelled to other countries. The Jordanian Christian population is with very limited resources. However, they are attempting to provide help for incoming refugees and to support them until they can find permanent homes somewhere else.

Christian relief workers now working in Jordan are housing Muslim as well as Christian refugee families, Father Bader told. He asserted that extremist groups have used the poor conditions in refugee camps as a means of fanning resentments and recruiting new members, and “we must not leave them a clear field.”