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Joseph Colony Arson Victims Protest Against The Provincial Government


LAHORE:  The affected residents of Joseph Colony stage a demonstration, annoyed over government’s negligence in paying the promised compensation to all the Christian families hit by the arson.

Residents of Joseph Colony stage a protest against punjab government
Residents of Joseph Colony stage a protest against punjab government

Four months after the Badami Bagh arson, the provincial government is yet to recompense the Christian families who were victimized by a raging mob of around 3000 on 9th of March earlier this year. This inferno left more that 200 houses of Christians burnt to ashes along with two Churches in the neighbourhood. The affected of Joseph Colony complained while staging a sit-in in front of the Lahore Press Club against the Punjab government for not giving the promised compensation of 0.5 million Rupees per 155 affected families.


The protesters held banners and placards with demands for the Punjab Government to fulfil its promise of giving compensation to all the 267 affected families of the awful fire-raising of Joseph Colony. They all torn up victims were chanting slogans reminding the government of its announcement regarding their reimbursement while beseeching the government to give them their fair compensation. These determined protestors, said that,” the sit-in would not end until their demands were met.”

The sit-in was led by Sohail Khokhar, who said while addressing the assemblage that, “the poor people of Joseph Colony trusted the government and did not cause any law and order situation.”

He further elaborated that,” the Chief Minister had promised that all 267 affected families would be given 500,000 Rupees each as compensation for burning down of their houses and looting of their valuables as a result of the religious rampage at Joseph Colony.”


While still adding he continued that,” the government had given the compensation to only 112 families on March 15 and the payment to 155 families was still pending. He demanded the government give the people their right as soon as possible otherwise, he warned, they would not end the sit-in in front of the press club until they were given the money.”