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Journey of Christians in Pakistan (From educationalist to the Sweepers)


On 31st july Shaheed Fareed Khan D.H.Q Hospital hangu stated those non-Muslims (Christians) were qualified for sanitation-related occupation on Aaj advertisement page . In early period Hospitals were issued a corrigendum expressing that the two Muslims and non-Muslims were qualified for sanitation-related occupations. In any case, in this contemporary time, the healing facility, in a notice in a few daily papers, had expressed “Just Non-Muslims people who have a place with minorities will be suited” for the sanitation work.

Journey of Christians in Pakistan (From educationalist to the Sweepers)

Well this was not the first occasion when that the government or even privates institutions saved sanitation posts for non-Muslims. Christians make up the vast majority of the non-Muslim minority in focal Punjab and record for 2.5 for every penny of the aggregate populace. Their portrayal in sanitation work, in any case, is over 80 percent. Information gathered by World Watch Monitor expresses that 824 out of 935 sanitation specialists in the Peshawar Municipal Corporation are Christian. Around 6,000 out of 7,894 sanitation specialists in the Lahore Waste Management Company are Christian. What’s more, 768 out of 978 specialists in the Quetta Municipal Corporation are Christian. Islamabad’s Capital Development Authority (CDA) has 1,500 sanitation specialists and every one of them is a Christian. Christians likewise have a high portrayal in Gilgit and Karachi metropolitan companies.

The United Nations depicts this as “separation in light of work and drop” on the grounds that “any qualification, rejection, confinement, or inclination in view of acquired status, for example, position, including present or hereditary occupation, family, group or social starting point, name, origination, place of habitation, vernacular and complement … is regularly connected with the idea of immaculateness and contamination.”
The decision Muslim League discovered Punjabi Christians a valuable substitute for filling occupations left by escaping Hindus. In any case, the state needed to evacuate countless Christians from towns in the focal Punjab to push them into this occupation. As indicated by history 60,955 out of 500,000 Punjabi Christians lived in eastern Punjab in 1947. Thus, Speaker of the Punjab Assembly, SP Singha, favored Pakistan for the benefit of the Christians before Radcliffe’s Boundary Awards in June 1947.

Singha had seen towns where there were no Christian memorial parks… and social approvals against drawing water from specific wells.” Be that as it may, in the recently made Pakistan, Singha griped in his January 20, 1948 discourse about how Christians in towns were dealt with. They were being constrained, beaten and even executed for not doing the cleaning work after the Hindu untouchables fled to India.
In the wake of being inside dislodged, the main choice these 300,000 Christians had was to move to urban areas and work as sweepers, the employments that were at that point sitting tight for them. Throughout the years, they relocated to metropolitan regions where they wrongfully settled on government arrive with no essential conveniences: bringing forth many illicit settlements from France Colony in Islamabad to Joseph Colony in Lahore.

This shows the height of discrimination level in Pakistan that we the Christian community are the founding fathers of educational systems in Pakistan ,We education all the famous ministers, educationist, doctors , nurses , political leaders and civil workers of Pakistan and they made us ‘’slums’’ or ‘’sweeper’’. It is not false to say that all famous schools academic systems were running on or based upon Christians educational setup.

Be that as it may, practically speaking, Pakistan has sought after a standing based approach to compel Punjabi Christians into the control of clearing. This state strategy should be returned to and the administration needs to take additional measures to moderate the drawback caused to poor Christians over decades.