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Judge Instructs to Bulldoze Slum Residences of Christians in Capital of Pakistan


On Friday, Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddique of the Islamabad High Court has issued order to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to clean all slum houses and localities from the capital within a month.

Slum Residences of Christians in Capital of Pakistan

Most of the residents in these settlements in Islamabad fringes are Christians, who moved around to the capital from various divisions around the country in hunt of better job opportunities. They have been established here for nearly three decades.


There are ten slum settlements in various divisions of Islamabad, like France colony, Essa Nagri, Dhuke Najju, Haqbhahu, 66 quarters, Tent colony, 48 quarters, Katchiabadi G-8/1, 100 quarters and Muslim colony.


According to CDA official estimation that there would be around 5000 family units are in and surrounding slums. It is still undecided where all these five thousand families will be inhabited if the CDA takes action according to the High Court ruling.


Basharat Khokher, human rights worker, met CDA manager, Amir Ahmed Ali and applies him to take care of the required procedures for the relocate families.


By the time mentioned none of the NGOs are performing to lend a hand to the people of these slums. The hygiene within the location is wobbly, and children also do not have educational services.