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Julius Salik: Pakistani Christian Nobal Peace Award Nominee 1996


A Noble Price Nominee, Julius Salik was born in a modest Christian family in Lahore in 1948, a year after Pakistan emerged as a new country on the map of the world. He has devoted his last 30 years to bring peace and liberty. He has been working hard for the World Minorities Alliance since long.

J salik

J.Salik told about the World Minorities Alliance “After having given serious thought to problems of the oppressed, helpless and downtrodden people particularly the repressed minorities, I have reached the conclusion that they need practical help. Kashmiri community is scattered all over the world. Their status is that of minority in various countries. They need to be united at one platform. Until the oppressed are united, their problems cannot be earnestly addressed. That is why I conceived an idea of World Minorities Alliance 30 years back. To realize this dream I had to consistently work hard.”
Through sheer hard work, Salik touched the top. He has struggled honestly, altruistically and courageously to support the suppressed and downtrodden, not only in Pakistan alone but all in the whole world. His passion for peace exceeds national border. His humanitarian is rising above politics or religious outfit and geographical barrier. He focuses to serve humanity without discernment.

He had been elected to Pakistan parliament more than once and has had been a cabinet Minister. He is a true representative of the poor and needy people. He prefers to remain poor himself. He has proved to be honest and principled. He owns no house, no residential plot and no assets, thus lives in a rented place.

The secret of J.Salik success is based on his determination. In no circumstances he loses hope. Rising from dust J.Salik he has become a brilliant star. Benazir Bhutto was perhaps right when she mentioned that the flame of liberty shines brightest in the dark. She observed this while nominating J.Salik, after considering several other dignitaries of Pakistan, for Nobel Peace Award in 1996 for his “tireless CRUSADE for peace and liberty.”

He worked not only for the Christian community but also for the essential rights of the people all over the world. He has been a bond between the minority and majority and struggled hard to minimize the annoyances in Pakistan. His voice was heard loud and clear whenever an act of aggression was committed against humanity, be it in Bosnia, Kashmir and Palestine, Philippine, Burma, Uganda or even the Iran Iraq war. His love for humankind made him visit Bosnia in 1994 to share pain and sorrow of the people who were facing worse type of suppression. He was Federal Minister at that time and was enjoying all perks but his commitment forced him to choose to celebrate Christmas with Bosnians. His whole family members put themselves on life risk wearing bullet proof jackets led a peace prayer mission to Bosnia with an aim to comfort and share their distresses. His bold decision to celebrate Christmas with Bosnian Muslims ward off Christian-Muslim clash in Pakistan dreaded at that time. During the hostage crisis between US and Iran, he made a keen appeal to Imam Khomeni, the Iranian religious leader, and requested for the freedom of 72 political prisoners on the occasion of Christmas so that they could celebrate it with their families.

Millions of people living abroad including Pakistan are conscious of the heroic struggle of J. Salik spread over twenty-five years and acknowledge that he never attained any personal gain.