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July 22nd as Martyrdom Day to pay tribute to persecuted Christians


A gathering of Indian Christians have chosen July 22 as Martyrdom Day to pay tribute to Christians killed for the sake of their faith.
Shibu Thomas, who started the day through his ecumenical gathering Persecution Relief said uncommon petitions were offered in Churches across the country.

July 22nd as Martyrdom Day to pay tribute to persecuted Christians in India

The recognition is “part of a concerted effort to encourage those who continue to struggle to cope with persecution and challenge to live a true Christian life,” according to the Thomas.

He said July 22 was set as it denoted to first anniversary of the rape and murder of a schoolgirl in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh after her family refused to abandon their Christian faith despite several threats.

“This was a demonstration of retribution and terrorizing, to get her family to revoke their confidence, however they are still firm in their confidence regardless of proceeding with dangers,” Thomas said. “The day is an ethical lift for such people who languish over the purpose of Christ,” he said.

Christian pioneers like him say assaults against Christians have expanded since 2014 when the genius the Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to control in an avalanche triumph. Fundamentalist Hindu gatherings, who consider BJP as their political wing, took the decision triumph as a command to venture up their activity to make India a Hindu-just country.

“The nation is experiencing an exceptionally troublesome stage where rehearsing and engendering the Christian confidence is a genuine test now,” Thomas said.

Information gathered by Persecution Relief demonstrates that in 2016 alone, Hindu fanatics wrecked 106 Christian spots of love, the vast majority of them having a place with Protestant and neo-Pentecostal gatherings.