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Justice becomes “faraway” for Pakistani Christian women who are raped by Muslims


Pakistani Christians

Pakistani Christian girls or women who are currently facing insidious wave gender based violence at the hands of Muslim men are devoid of justice.

Incidentally, a report presented by a Pakistani NGO namely Aurat Foundation portrays a gloomy picture of a 1,000 Pakistani girls being sexually abused, kidnapped and even forcefully given in marriage to Muslim men annually. Out of these 1,000 about 700 are Christian victims.

Religious fanatics have poor Christian girls and women in their cross hairs. While cases of Christian females getting raped by Muslim men are becoming frequent, however, some of such cases never get reported. Followed by humiliation, and inhumane treatment at the hands of religious fanatics, these victims on the odd occasion get justice.

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Seeking punishment for the assailants mean jeopardy for the entire family of the Christian victims. Even if the Christian families do get a chance to file a lawsuit, they face threats with death before the court hearings or in some cases their family members or houses get targeted by the assailants. On the whole this entire affair results in the relocation of the victim family while the perpetrators are never brought to justice. For instance,a distraught Christian father whose two daughters were sexually abused by Muslims said, “We didn’t get justice.”

In this regard, William Stark, from International Christian Concern, (ICC) stated, religious minorities, like Christians and Hindus, are especially at risk because they’re “soft targets. It is much harder for them to get any sort of justice.”

A bulk of cases where Christian girls are raped, go unreported. This is primarily due to the fact that rape is oftentimes associated with social stigma, shame, fear, external pressure from the rapist or his family, and a lack of confidence in the justice system.

Scores of victims maintain silence because of the fact that they face opposition, intimidation, and threats if they speak up. Still there have been instances when rape was reported; the authorities chose not to investigate into the case. Furthermore, if a case does reach the court, the victims and their families are over and over again threatened and harassed in order to force them to drop the charges.