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“Justin Bieber of Nepal” accepts Christ says “Jesus has changed me fully”


Raju Priyar

A Nepalese singer popularly known as Justin Bieber of Nepal, accepts Christ.

According to details, Raju Pariyar who is a popular folk singer of Nepal came to Christ when a Pastor Bishnu Pariyar evangelized to him. It was during a two and a half hour journey which completely changed the Nepalese star’s life.

Pastor Bishnu Pariyar who runs a children’s ministry and an orphanage in Bharatpur, a city on Nepal. Pastor Bishnu met Raju during a flight from Kathmandu, Nepal, to Mumbai, India, in May, earlier this year. During this journey, both sat side by side and Pastor Bishnu shared his testimony how God saved him and his family with the popular singer Raju.

Pastor Bishnu told, “I had a great passion to share the gospel, and he showed interest to listen.” He further said, when he started speaking with Raju, he was picturing in his mind the tremendous impact that the country’s music industry would have if Raju would yield himself to Lord Jesus Christ.

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A Month later after the two met on a plane, Pastor Bishnu and Raju met again in July. This time, Pastor Bishnu’s prayers got answered as Raju expressed his desire to embrace Christ. Famous singer and his family decided to give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Shortly, after Raju had decided to surrender his life to Christ, he and his family travelled to Bharatpur which is about 150 kilometres away from Kathmandu, Nepalese capital. Raju and his family arrived in Bharatpur and announced their new faith in Pastor Bishnu’s church in front of public.

Following his proclamation of conversion, Raju said, “Jesus has changed me fully. I left the previous worldly activities, and I am renewed in the spirit and following Christ as my redeemer.”

Raju Pariyar remains well aware of the consequences of his public proclamation of converting to Christianity yet says he will not hide his newly found faith. With a renewed life, Raju harbours plans to singing hymns and worship music. He says, he wants to be known “as a Christian singer of Nepal, who has decided to become a Christian though we have challenges in Nepal.”

Raju Pariyar requested his fellow believers in Christ to pray for him as he continues to speak out about his Christian faith. “Please pray so that our faith be strong in the Lord and despite the challenges. Please pray for my musical career to be smooth and I can make a great change in the lives of the people and my supporters. Please pray that his will be done in my life and in my family, and my life and career will go well, and I can abide in Christ ever and ever.”

Raju Pariyar’s proclamation of conversion to Christianity may land him in trouble as pressure from radical Hindu groups keeps heaping. Just last month, Nepalese legislators chose a secular status for the country. However, the Hindu groups were pressurizing the government to declare Nepal a Hindu state.

In additon to this, a bill is also under consideration according to which all attempts of evangelism are prohibited in Nepal. According to Pastor Bishnu, Nepalese Christians regularly face discrimination. “We are hated by the people and even by the government,” he said.

35-year-old, Nepalese singer has thus far recorded 11,000 folk songs. His music has been met with great acknowledgement from public. His singles topped the music charts in Nepal, and he remains a popular singer in the country. Raju has won many awards for himself and has performed in South Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. However, in spite of extensive admiration, Raju will have to face hardships as a Christian worship singer.