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Kamran Michael gave cheque to late Sharoon Masih family


On Saturday in Burewala, Kamran Michael, Federal Minister for Statics said that Statics ministry submitted complete data of Pakistan’s population census to the ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan). This year ECP will do homework on conducting general election in the country.

Kamran Michael gave cheque to late Sharoon Masih family

Michael was at the office of Chaudhry Nazir Ahmad Arain who is a member of National Assembly of Pakistan. Michael told to a media reporter that the government issued ordered to re-conduct census in 5% blocks in order to omit the booking of some political parties which also includes Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

Michael added that in 5 % block the census will be accomplished by third persons. He said that the federal cabinet earlier gave approval of this proposal.

Further he told that every political party and Sindh government too is satisfied with the census result except MQM. In order to match the census result with the actual situation every province sent its special team to inspect.

In response of Kasur incident Michael said that Zainab’s murder scary incident is the reflection of evils present in our surroundings. And the media coverage is highly appreciable which makes people informed about social evils such as child abuse.

Moreover, he said that the government of Punjab is working hard to find the actual culprit.DNA report will help to reach the serial killer of minor girls. Special Investigation teams are also deployed to investigate Kasur child abuse case.

Federal Minister for Statics said that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) elected him as finance provincial minister two times during their government. He belongs to religious minority group and representative of Christianity. PML-N always honored Christians and support minorities. On the other hand other governments never try to solve minorities’ issues.

Later Michael gave a cheque to Sharoon Masih family who was murdered by his classmates for not embracing Islam in Burewala. He addressed to the people there saying Christians sacrificed their lives in fighting with Hindus for a separate state. “Though Christians are a minority in Pakistan, but their patriotism is beyond any doubt,” he added.

Furthermore, he said that our country is facing decisive terror threat since study centers and religious places are under high alert. Therefore, we all need to stand in solidarity to confront the present scenario.