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“Kamran Michael has helped me in the main”:Christian ice-cream vendor beaten by mob eases out


42-year-old, Christian ice cream vendor Khaleel Masih who was viciously bashed by a mob in a village in District Kasur expresses gratitude towards Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael. Khaleel Masih was tortured by a mob of twenty or so people for selling ice-creams to Muslim women and children. “Christians are untouchables,” the mob chanted while beating Khaleel Masih- they should not be allowed to sell edibles to Muslims they claimed.

Christian ice cream vendor beaten by a mob in Pakistan village

“My name is Khaleel Masih son of Mohra Masih, I am resident of Changa Manga district Kasur,” he said. “I was attacked in Baddhoki village,” he said while narrating the incident. On the way along the lake in Baddhoki village about twenty to twenty five men beat me, as they said “You sell us ice-cream despite you are unclean (Paleet- an Urdu word for unclean). An unclean man selling ice creams to us with his unclean hands,” he revealed.

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He said that followed by the incident he was filled with horror and aghast, and went into hiding. After the news of this incident was circulated by Christians in Pakistan, Senator Kamran Michael took notice of the incident and assigned a team the task of finding Khaleel Masih, which made a hectic search for him.

He said that currently, he is living under the protective guardianship of the Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael. “I am thankful to the Christian leader, as he stood by me,” he said. Khaleel Masih further disclosed that owing to personal intervention of Kamran Michael, an FIR has been registered against those who had tortured him based on religious loathing.

He said that Senator Kamran Michael provided him legal assistance, by hiring a lawyer on his behalf. He said the Federal Minister has vowed to help him in every possible way as required.

Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael while speaking in this regard said that the incident took place in Baddoki, and around twenty to twenty five men tortured him on the grounds that he was a Christian and selling ice creams to Muslims. “As soon as I noticed the incident, we took abrupt action on behalf of Ministry of Human Right.”

“Finding Khaleel Masih was a challenging task,” he said while adding “as he had gone into hiding out of fear.” We traced him after great endeavors. “After investigating into the matter myself, I directed the DPO Kasur to provide him apt protection.” Owing to the gravity of the matter we took Khaleel Masih and his family in protective custody and moved police complaint against those who had subjected him to severe physical torture and religion based humiliation.

Kamran Michael further said that Khaleel Masih is a poor man who cannot afford to hire a lawyer; therefore, he has arranged this facility for him. “Incidents of this kind can only be thwarted when the perpetrators and such elements that do not regard humanity and hate people based on religion, creed or color and sow seeds of hatred are dealt with strictly.”

The Constitution of Pakistan social harmony and a healthy social environment can only be achieved when a man honors other regardless of his religion, ethnicity, creed or nationality, he explained. “I have taken responsibility of providing protection to this marginalized Christian family,” he asserted. I will try that they get justice and financial support from the government.