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Karachi: 15-year-old gunned down for demanding 25 Rupees in compensation


A 15-year-old boy has been shot dead after he demanded Rupees 25 in compensation for cleaning staircase of a house. The victim is an Afghan national who has been identified as Noor Agha was gunned down by Ayaz Malik, the police have confirmed.

Crimes in Pakistan

In this regard, Senior Superintendent of Police Karachi Central has confirmed the details that Ayaz Malik Jeewa, resident of Karimabad had shot dead the teenage boy on Sunday, May 14. The police official further let the details out saying the Noor Agha had cleaned the staircase of Ayaz Malik’s flat. In return, Norr agah demanded 25 Rupees from Ayaz Malik, which cost the teenager his life.

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It was also revealed that Ayaz Malik opened fire on Noor Agha after he demanded compensation. The deceased was a scavenger who picked garbage from the localities of Karimabad. On the Sunday, May 14 Noor Agha and is fellow Naimat washed the staircase of Ayaz Malik. After he demanded for the compensation, the Ayaz Malik allegedly gunned him down and fled the crime scene.

Wounded teenager was rushed to a hospital; however, he succumbed to his injuries. Azizabad Police claims to seek out for the culprit while a case was also registered against Ayaz Malik.