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Karachi: A Christian entreats help as police embroils him in a fabricated case


A Pakistani Christian Mushtaq Masih resident of Essa Nagri, Karachi embroiled by Karachi police in a fake case, demanding thousands of rupees as exaction in order to clear him from the fake charges. Mushtaq Masih has invoked Chief Minister of Sindh for help and carry out investigations against the brazen corrupt police personnel.

Christian falsely charged by Karachi police

Mushtaq Masih son of Nanak Masih states that on 2 June, 2015 police personnel from PIB police station broke into his house while he was asleep. He claims that Mir Khan and 29 other police personnel hooked him and brought him to the police station saying it was for the sake of inquiry. “They told me they will release me after inquiry, but they lied,” Mushtaq says.

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“While still in police custody, one of the police men told me that I will have to pay 50,000 Rupees if I wanted to get released. They called my nephew and demanded for money for my release.” According to Mushtaq when he told the police that he was innocent and never have been involved in infraction of law, they replied, “ We know you are innocent…if we do not hook innocent citizens how will we arrange for money to buy sacrifice animals worth millions.”

In a letter to the Sindh authorities, Mushtaq Masih urged Chief Minister of Sindh, D.G.Rangers, Governor of Sindh and Judge of City Court Sindh to take notice of incident. “I call upon you to carry out fare investigations into the fake case police has registered against me.” He expressed suspicion that someone might has bribed the police to bring fabricated charges against him.

“I am hopeful that you will take action against those who have filed a fake case against me. I call upon the higher authorities to make sure that in future no one can file a fake case against any innocent citizen.”

“In our country, police enjoys the right to question citizens but there is no one who can question them,” he complained. “I remain hopeful for a prompt action against the policemen involved in hooking me over fake charges, if I do not get justice I will be left with no other option but to stage a protest outside the Karachi Press Club, along with my family and acquaintances.” He asserts, “Certainly we are not secure in Pakistan.”