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Karachi: Authorities raze Christian neighborhood, occupants rendered without a roof


Authorities demolish a Christian neighborhood in Karachi, leaving residents without a roof over their heads. Karachi’s Punjabi Christians Colony, was razed under the auspices of the Government of Sindh, when houses and other properties of Christians were reduced to rubble. Christians had been inhabiting this neighborhood since three or four generations.

Punjabi Christians Colony in Karachi

The inhabitants of the this neighborhood are mostly poverty-stricken which is why they are in left high and dry as they now have no means to build houses for themselves. Residents of Christians Colony claim they had paid full price of the land to the concerned property dealers. On the other hand, the provincial government says the land was illegally occupied by Christians. On October 7, 8 government bulldozed houses, shops and every building standing on the land.

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Ensuing demolishing of their houses and other properties, residents of Punjabi Christians Colony are renting and raving as they express serious concerns for their future. Owing to their meager financial status they have no practical means to relocate, resettle or build new houses for themselves. Christians whine as they had paid full prices for the land, yet they now face demolishing of their houses.

Residents further grumbled over the fact that the government has shown no intention to compensate them they demanded facilitation so that they can build houses for themselves. They remain apprehensive as they are go through desperate times.