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Karachi: Colleagues heap audacious bigotry on a Hindu, forcing him to use separate utensils


A Hindu working as senior reporter for government owned news agency was heaped under tons of bigotry as he was forced to separate his utensils at his work place. Since, his colleagues found out that he was a Hindu. Sahib Khan Oad who was barred from drinking water in the same glass and other utensils with other Muslim staff at the workplace, says his colleagues had reservations.

Religious discrimination in Pakistan

“Actually my name contains the word ‘Khan’ so everyone in the office initially thought I was Muslim,” he says. The prejudiced attitude started followed by his younger son namely Raj Kumar’ visit to his office which made his religion obvious to his colleagues.

He explains, since the start of Ramadan, he has been subjected to increasing religious discrimination. He said that he was not allowed to sit at the same dining table at the time of Iftar. “The bureau chief asked me to separate my drinking water glass in the office because some colleagues had reservations.” Some of his senior colleagues suggested him bringing his own plates and glasses. “I have now bought a separate glass and plate for the office,” he said.

On the other hand, the bureau chief Pervez Aslam refutes Sahib Khan Oad, saying “He was suffering from flu so we suggested he arrange a separate glass,” he said. He said the discrimination charges are “total propaganda,” “….You can come to my office and see how he eats Iftar with us,” he said.