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Karachi: Doctor hailing from religious minority gunned down in supposed target killing


A doctor hailing from Ahmadiya community gunned down, by an unknown assailant in Pakistan’ cosmopolitan hub Karachi. The deceased identified as Doctor Khaleel Ahmad who was shot dead within the jurisdiction of Gulzar-e-Hijri Police Station.

Targeted killing of Ahmadiya community in Pakistan

Doctor Khaleel who was a homeopathic practitioner, was shot dead in his clinic when unknown assailants entered into his clinic and opened fire at him. While remarking about the incident which is being termed as a targeted killing, an Ahmadiya community’ spokesman said that it was stated in the National Action Plan of 2014 that such elements which spread religion based hatred will be severely dealt with. He whined that despite unanimous agreement on National Action Plan, certain elements which fan hatred against the Ahmadiya community are free to propagate against Ahmadiya community.

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He went on to complain that ever since the enforcement of anti-Ahmadiya ordinance about 248 Ahmadis have been killed for their religious creed. In Karachi itself 30 Ahmadis have been targeted based on religious hatred. He said that thus far, none of the murderers have been hooked by the police so far, which reinforces the extremist mindset in the country.

In keeping with statistics of the Ahmadiya community majority of the targeted killings of Ahmadis were reported from the Orangi Town area, which was followed by Baldiya Town and Manzoor Colony. Previously at the start of this month, an Ahmadi doctor was shot dead in Attock.