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Karachi: Evangelists and political activist go partners handing out gifts to “trash-picker” kids


Pakistani journalist, social and political activist Nasir Raza joined hands with two evangelists Pastor Khurram Gill and Elijah Staveous were met by cheerfulness by the kids salvaging waste. Many of them forced to scavenge on rubbish dumps to survive. The team of three handed over gifts to the dirt-poor children, wearing a smile on their faces even in midst of rubbish dumps.

poor children in Pakistan

After receiving gifts, the kids expressed gladness and joined Nasir Raza in singing “Dil Dil Pakistan” a famous national song of the country. Their faces gleaming with joy as they sang, holding candies and gifts in their hands. These frail and forgotten children were mostly between the ages of five and thirteen.

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Trash picking children are not hard to find on streets, alongside roads fishing through piles of waste. Even though several organizations and NGO’s are working on this issue, there is no accurate data as to how many children are forced into scavenging. It has been speculated that majority of these rag-pickers are working as middlemen and receive only a pittance.

According to local NGOs these little scavengers are treated as social outcasts; oftentimes have to bear verbal and occasionally physical abuse from their handlers or even their fellow trash-pickers. What is more they are even at risk of sexual abuse as they spend nights sleeping public places as parking lots, pavements and shrines etc.