Karachi: More women fall victim to the knife-attacker, fear grips locals


Knife-wielding attacker continues to target women; generating fear and panic among locals. At least five cases have been registered against this mysterious attacker who remains at large. Police claim they have launched a manhunt, advising women to avoid going out after dawn.

Attacks on women in Gulshan-e-Jauhar

The mysterious biker is targeting women in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Johar area, and has thus far attacked many women. Details emerged that the assailant attacks women from behind and uses a sharp knife. Most of his attacks unfolded late at night and the victims revealed that the attacker wore a helmet.

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One of the victims while detailing the incident to the media said: “I went outside to buy something when I was attacked by the assailants on a motorcycle,” she said. She further revealed that one of the attackers was wearing a black shirt. She had received eight stitches for her wounds.

Previously, spokesperson of a private hospital confirmed that women with knife injuries had been brought to the hospital. Police say they have launched manhunt are hunting after an armed motorcycle rider who wears a helmet when carrying out the attacks. Police have obtained a CCTV footage showing the suspect riding on his motorcycle in a street. The suspect could be seen wearing a helmet and was clad in black shirt.

Residents of Gulistan-e-Johar are exasperated saying police are doing nothing in order to prevent the bizarre attacks. They said they will protect their daughters and sisters themselves as police have thus far failed to protect women. The mysterious attackers is attacking women on daily basis.

Young activist Ruth Rukhsana while condemning the attacks advised the girls to remain vigilant. She said that the authorities must take efficacious action in order to hook the mysterious attacker, so that more women do not fall a prey to the knife-attacker.

Samson Salamat, Chairman of Rwadari Tehreek condemned these attacks saying: “Knife attacks on women, in the streets of the most populated city of Pakistan during daylight is the height of lawlessness and an evidence of a sick mindset which only targets women. “

Continuing to slam the psychopathic mindset, he said: “In a patriarchal society, where women already face huge discrimination and violence, this latest situation has definitely raised fear and terror among the women and girls and their families.”

He urged the authorities to take immediate and effective actions in this regard: “This is an urgent call for the law enforcement institutions to take stern and appropriate action against the attacker and bring him before justice. But most importantly there is a need to expose motive behind these attacks.”