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Karachi: Pakistani Christian Shehzad Masih died with Sewage Gas


Shehzad Mansha Masih was the resident of Korangi, Karachi. He was laid down in sewage line for cleaning main sewer line but was not provided any security measure for his safety as usual. During cleaning manhole some toxic gas filled the line therefore Shehzad became unconscious after inhaling poisonous gas.

Karachi: Pakistani Christian Shehzad Masih died with Sewage Gas

Sewage gas is a mixture of some toxic and nontoxic gases. It is formed during the decay of waste materials. The components of sewage gas include methane, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxides. Highly toxic gases are hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in sewer.

Due to gas nobody could take Shehzad out of the sewage line, later his body rises to the surface, a crew member of Chippa (Chippa Welfare Association is a non-governmental organization) took out his body from the sewage line.
When he was taken o a civil hospital he was in the conflict of life and death. At last he lost his life. Shehzad’s father told that not a single officer contacted them from baldia department.

Sanitary workers like Shehzad often exposed to sewer gas during the cleaning and maintenance of municipal sewers. Shehzad is not the first victim, such incidents continuously have been happening but relevant departments do not even bother to provide precautionary measures for saving sanitary men lives.