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Karachi: Police dawdling, fails to recover abducted Christian youth despite four years on


Christian youth abducted four years ago still not traced out by the police. Isaac Samson was kidnapped in 2012, the police still has no idea where he is. Family whines about police’s inertness in the case, as no substantial progress has been made in the case. Abductee’ father Younus Sadiq complains, the case is still jammed to where it was four years ago. “We still don’t know who kidnapped my son,” he said.

Abducted Christian youth still missing

Younus Saidq disclosed that his son worked at the Good Samaritan Hospital which is run by Korean humanitarians. Isaac Samson left home on February 29, 2012 after that he never returned. “My son and Inderyas Javaid were kidnapped however Inderyas returned after 37 days while there is not news about my son.

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According to the statement of the driver of the hospital’s van stated that when the van reached Orangi Town sector a Toyota car dashed in front of the van and few men dressed in white who were Pushto speaking. “They inquired about the Korean doctors, we informed them that we were all Pakistanis but they took Isaac and Inderyas.”

The hospital administration filed a police complaint in Pakistan Bazar Police Station. “Our son was working as an accountant at the Good Samaritan Hospital,” the dejected parents said. Younus Sadiq disclosed that on October 16, 2013 police publicized sketches of the abductors. Police received two phone calls claiming that Isaac was with them and demanded ransom. Followed by investigations it was disclosed that both the calls were fake.

Since the FIR was registered at least 16 Investigation Officers have been involved and none of them was able to locate Isaac. “I keep on going to the police and hospital, asking if my son was still alive, just asking them to tell this much. We live in this hope every day,” troubled father said. He urged Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael and other authorities to take note of the incident and inertness displayed by police in the case.