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Karachi police raids Christians’ houses youngsters arrested without probable cause


Christian youngsters still missing after police illegally arrested them on April 15, Sunday. The incident unfolded in Karachi’s Youhanabad colony. Victims claim the policemen raided their houses without warrants and treated women disrespectfully.

Pakistani Christians arrested without cause

In keeping with details, more than dozen Christians went missing after police hooked them without probable cause. Witnesses detailed that he raiders wore black T-shirts and broke into several houses of Christians. They allege that the policemen were drunk and treated the Christian women disgracefully; pulling their dupatas (head scarfs).

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Christians claim that the policemen took pictures of the Christian families without disclosing the reason. These raids were carried out without search warrants, even as the Christians were not informed about the reason of the raids and arrests. The policemen forcefully snatched money, mobile phones and other valuable items from the Christians.

After seven days, the Christians illegally taken by the policemen are still missing. The police took them to unknown place. Christians of the neighborhood are apprehensive as this is not the first time; Christian men have been arrested without cause. Previously, some Christian men were taken forcefully to an undisclosed place and are still missing. When the Christian families tried to inquire about their detained loved ones, police refused to give information.

The affected families urge the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar to take notice of their situation. They demand the Chief Justice to take action in order to recover their missing loved ones. Additionally they are demanding that the Inspector General of Police, Sindh A. D. Khawaja should take action against the perpetrators so that further raids and kidnappings are prevented. Christians are urging that they must be informed about the condition of their children who have been taken into illegally by the police.