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Karachi: Unknown assailants set building of a Pakistani Christian television channel on fire


Gawahi tv

Unknown assailants set office and entire building of a Pakistani Christian television channel on fire.

In keeping with details, Gawahi Tv, a Pakistani Christian television channel which aired Biblical teachings, Christian hymns, Sermons and Christian Youth evangelism programs has been targeted by unknown assailants on November 24, Tuesday.

The office of Gawahi Tv, which is located in South District Karachi has suffered heavy loss, as studios, computers, Bibles, cable network equipment, furniture and other valuable apparatus was burnt. It has been learnt that the incident took place at about 2:30 am on November 24, when the assailants sneaked in to the neighbourhood where the office of Gawahi Tv is located. This neighbourhood has large number of Christian residents, however, no one from the police or Rangers have visited the crime scene and pursued investigations into this incident.

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It has been believed that due to the daring transmission of Gawahi Tv, which relayed Christian content the building has been targetd. Owing to the transmission of Gawahi Tv, many Muslims had been accepting Christ, which caused a nuisance to the local Islamic radicals. There had been prior threats to the Gawahi Tv administration along with warnings to immediately halt the transmission of Christian content, followed by an arson.

While strongly criticizing this incident, President of Pakistan Christian Post has expressed resentment over the fact that none of the officials from Pakistan Rangers or Police have bothered to visit the burnt down Gawahi TV building. He criticized that despite the fact that this incident has become known to all, no investigations are made into this incident and none of the culprits have been arrested.

Moreover, he urged the authorities to look into this matter and arrest the perpetrators. “It is surprising that Pakistani Electronic media owned by Muslims have again not bothered to cover setting on fire incident of Gawahi TV when minor issues are taken as breaking news by it,” he said.