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Karachi: Vandals beat Christian family, threaten them to leave their house


Pakistani Christian family brutally tortured by extremists, told to leave their house. Family claims they have been targeted on the basis of religion. The victim John Elvin, his wife and three children moved in to live in D.C. Society, Mehmoodabad 2. It is learnt that the family was being threatened to leave the neighborhood, or else they will have to face dire consequences.

Pakistani Christians attacked

Christians in Pakistan was informed that locals jeered at them, ridiculed and humiliated them. John Elvin is a nurse by profession, was waiting for a year-long contract to end so that he could move from this neighborhood. On August 18, Saturday around 11 pm, John and his sons were brutally beaten by a group of extremists. John family is living in this neighborhood since last ten months in a rented house.

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Earlier in the evening a group of extremists pelted stones at the door and windows of their house. They vandals threatened the Christian family to leave the area or otherwise they will be killed. The victims decided to seek help from police. When the attackers learnt about their intentions, they attacked their house again around 11 pm. One of John’s son Vikram John lost eye sight as a result of the beating. While his brother, Sunil John was also severely injured.

Severely wounded Elvin and his sons were taken to Jinnah Hospital, where they received medical attention. Vikram is still admitted in the hospital while Elvin and Sunil were discharged after receiving medical treatment. The Christian family is traumatized and terrified. Reportedly, the police have not registered an FIR against the perpetrators. However, police has obtained medical certificates of the victims. Elvin John and his family urge higher authorities to take action against the perpetrators of the attack as they seek protection from the extremists.

Medical certificate of Vikram John:

Pakistani Christians