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Kasur: A 15-year-old Christian girl kidnapped, sexually abused by Muslims, family pays ransom to get her free


Pakistani Christians

A 15-year-old, Christian girl who was kidnapped and sexually abused recovered after family pays the ransom

A Christian girl, resident of District Kasur, Punjab province of Pakistan was reportedly kidnapped on Wednesday, October 7, 2015. It has been reported that a Muslim man namely Muhammad Shoukat along with his accomplices had allegedly abducted her. Afterwards the Christian teen was subjected to gang rape for a month.

The family of the victim reports that the culprit Muhammad Shoukat together with his co-conspirators forged a fake marriage certificate claiming that the girl had converted to Islam, prior to forcefully given in marriage to the main culprit Muhammad Shoukat resident of Serai Cheemba, Phool Nagar, Kasur.

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Soon after the Christian family learnt that there daughter was in custody of Muhammad Shoukat that they made attempts to recover their daughter but all was in vain, the police denied to help them. The desperate Christian family also sought help from other authorities in Punjab but were shorn of any sort of assistance. What is more, the kidnappers demanded a ransom to free the Christian girl.

In their desperation, the victimized Christian family approached church leader who open heartedly extended support and financial assistance to the, It has been learnt that Reverend Saleem Masih D.S Pattoki, from Church of Pakistan, Lahore Diocese, paid a ransom of about 45,000 Pakistani Rupees and so the kidnappers set the Christian victim free.However, the Christian girl and her family have moved out of their former location and are in a safe place now.

While reflecting about this incident, a Pakistani Christian lawyer and activist Sardar Mushtaq Gill said, “Kidnapping Christian girls and forcefully marrying them to a Muslim is the most common procedure for forced conversion to Islam and in such cases the police are reluctant to take any legal initiative against the culprits.”