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Kasur: A Christian teenage girl kidnapped in an attempt to forcefully convert her to Islam


Pakistani Christians

A Pakistani Christian teen abducted from her home, with an intention to convert her to Islam forcefully.

According to details, an 18-year-old Pakistani Christian girl had been kidnapped by a Muslim man who wanted to convert her to Islam forcefully. The victims is reportedly resident of District Kasur of Punjab province.

It has been learnt that the 18-year-old Christian girl was alone at her home when the alleged Muslim abductor stormed in to her house along with some accomplices. When girl was no where to be found, her parents filed a complaint in the local police station. Moreover, the Christian parents nominated the Muslim man who had abducted their daughter.

However, police has not shown much progress in this case, which forced the dejected Christian parents to contact a local Christian lawyer and human rights activist Sardar Mushtaq Gill.

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Mushtaq Gill, who agreed to provide free of cost legal assistance to the Christians and decided to pursue the case himself. “Given the experience of a number of cases like this, I can say that often the kidnappers take Christian girls with the aim of forced conversion to Islam and marriage” noted Sardar Mushtaq Gill.

“It is common for women of religious minorities to be kidnapped and the authors of such kidnappings enjoy impunity, because there is no legislation on forced conversion” Mushtaq Gill added.

“With our organization Lead we are trying to point out the problem of forced conversion to the authorities, supporting good legislation concerning forced conversion.”

According to verified data provided by Pakistani NGO, Auraat Foundation every year about 1000 girls from Christian and Hindu communities are abducted and forced to convert to Islam commonly by means of given in marriage to Muslim men. Out of these 1000 700 girls are Christians.