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Kasur: A church building constructed despite hindrance and threats from local Muslims


Churches in Pakistan

A church successfully built despite threats from the local Muslim community in a village of Kasur District.

Earlier this year, despite the fact that the “Hope for Light” Christian Association, was threatened not to pursue construction of a church in Sehari village in District Kasur. This Christian organisation had initiated constructing the church building; however, seeing rapid development on he site local Muslims had warned the organisation to halt the construction work as soon as possible.

It is revealed that about 36 Christian families live in Sehari village. However, there is no church building in the village. Currently, the local Christian villagers meet in a mud building for prayer services. Despite being an inappropriate structure, it is too small to house all the Christians together. Nonetheless, a new building was indispensable.

In this regard, Reverend Sohail Farman – head of “Hope for light,” organisation said that a new church building was much needed in the village. “Sehari is a small village of 200 houses. At least 36 belong to Christians who earn a living from farming.” In October, last year, the organisation had embarked upon construction of the church.

“We hope that people will benefit from this new place of worship and seek God through new blessings. We are doing our best to ensure that we can celebrate Christmas in the new church. The Muslim community is supporting this project all the way. ”

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Javed David, the leader of the construction team said, “We are committed to our mission and we will continue to help poor communities build churches. They have a right to have a place of worship. This is our fourth church.”

He further revealed that he himself was targeted by local Muslims and they hurled threats at him. They warned him to stop constructing the church building, saying, “This is a Muslim country and we cannot allow you to continue.”
“We hope that things will improve with time. We just shifted our focus from Shekhupura to Sehari, but for sure we shall continue our work in Shekhupura.” said Malvin Mall, another construction team member.

Ata-ur- rehman Saman, another construction team member said, “The change of focus is temporary. So far we have built three churches in Shekhupura and Jaranwala districts, Punjab.”

“In addition, we run a school in a Church buildings open to Christians and Muslims who can learn to read and write together. We also provide a scholarship worth a thousand rupees a month (US$ 9.5) to three Christians and Muslims from Shekhupura.”