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Kasur: Christian Head Teacher beaten for his faith fears another attack


Saddique Azam

Saddique Azam a Christian Head Master who was tortured for his faith now lives in fear of more anticipated attacks.

According to details, Saddique Azam and his family are fearful of more attacks after he was tortured by his Muslim colleagues in the school over the issue of resignation from the Head Master post. Saddique was appointed as the Head Master of a Primary school in Pernawa near Phool Nagar in Kasur District. Three Muslim teachers working at the same tried to harass him to resign from the post. However, when he denied, three of them started beating him violently and injured his left eye severely.

“You are a Christian and Choora so, how can you be Headmaster and our senior” they said while hurling insults at him. After this they started beating Saddique violently.

Three months earlier Saddique was appointed as the Head Teacher at the Pernawa village school. Even though he has been appointed as the Head Teacher yet the concerned education Department is reluctant to issue a formal appointment letter in his name verifying his appointment as Head Teacher. He has been given the charge of the school as a Head Teacher and is doing his duties since three months.

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Three Muslim teachers strongly opposed his appointment as the Head Teacher and protested before the District Education Officer (DEO) of Kasur, criticizing Saddique Azam’s appointment. However, when they failed to dislodge him from his post, resorted to torture. The three Muslim teachers are believed to be religious fanatics, who stormed into Saddique’s office around 7:45 am on October 5. At that time he was not his office, however when he came they started harassing him to resign.

Moreover, they told him, “If he wanted to remain working as the Head Teacher then he would have to work according to their directions.” After this, they started beating him and severely injured his left eye. Seven days after the incident, Saddique Azam is still whimpering in pain as his left eye was wounded.

Other teachers tried to intervene but they could not stop the three fanatic teachers from beating him. Police was informed about the incident and the three Muslim teachers were arrested but so far Police has not filed an FIR against them.

As a result of this incident, children and wife of Saddique Azam are terrified. They suspect they could be attacked s no real action has been done against the perpetrators. The family is fearful that the religiously extremist teachers may try once again to attack Saddique Azam. Moreover, Nabila wife of Saddique Azam has advised him to resign from the job.

Saddique has six children who are fearful of the religious extremism. They fear another attack on their father or family. “There is pressure on me for compromised and my family also is terrified and traumatized after this happening,” says Saddique Azam.