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Kasur: Christian villagers miserable as locals heap religious discrimination upon them


Christian villagers in Sikander Pura, nestled 53 kilometers away from Kasur, submerged in misery as they face religion based discrimination from their fellow villagers. “We are being treated worse than animals,” Minority Voice quotes them saying.

Christian persecution in Pakistani villages

Minority Voice reports, that religion based discrimination has penetrated deep into the environment that villagers do not even like shaking hands with Christians. “Local barbers do not give Christians a haircut, shave….” Minority Voice reports.

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An elderly Christian who has been residing in this village since seventy years says that some fifty to sixty families lived in this village at one time. Owing to the religion based discrimination all the Christian families have fled but now only eight to nine Christian families are left now. Majority of the local Christians have migrated to other villages or cities.

One of the local Christians said that he is intermediate pass, yet no one hires him owing to his faith. Yousaf Masih, another resident of this village said that properties owned by Christians are not considered as theirs by the local villagers.

Our children are not allowed to play with their kids, he said. He further said that a Christian was appointed as teacher in a local school, after few days when the parents got hint of him being a Christian, started demanding his removal from the school. They threatened the school principal that if the Christian teacher is not removed immediately they will not let their children attend the school.