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Kasur: Christian woman forced into conversion and marriage by local landlord


A 30-years-old Christian woman forced into marriage with a Muslim landlord. Victim’s mother is employee of the landlord. 60-years-old landlord namely Nazir Ahmed Rai has allegedly forced Fouzia Bibi, daughter of Bashira Bibi into marriage. Ensuing forced marriage, the landlord started forcing Bashira Bibi to convert.

Pakistani Christian girl forced to convert to Islam

The landlord purportedly physical tortured his Christian employee Bashira Bibi in order to pressurize her to convert. There are reports, that the landlord had allegedly started singling out all the family members of Bashira Bibi. Insolvent 50-years-old Christian lady has 6 daughters and 1 son, whereas she makes both ends meet by toiling at the farm of Nazir Ahmed.

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Nazir Ahmed is purportedly forcing Bashira Bibi, to convert along with her entire family or else she would be fired and would have to leave the area. Seeing the situation worsening, Bashira Bibi started working at another landlord’s house, where she was warned that her daughter was now wife of a Muslim and has converted; which means Bashira Bibi and her entire family must convert.

Consequently, Bashira Bibi quit the newly found job as well. However, on September 22, she when she was hired for domestic work at a local wedding, her second employer was also invited. She was bashed by her ex-employer along with his brother as they humiliated the Christian woman harassing her for refusing to convert. They even attempted to kill her with an axe, however they could not due to presence of many guests. She was severely injured as a result of the bashing and was taken to a hospital where she was treated for her bruises.