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Kasur District: A Christian youth accused of blasphemy, his family tortured and illegally detained by police


Blasphemy accused in Kasur

LAHORE: A Christian youth charged with blasphemy in a village of District Kasur.

According to media reports, a Christian youth Pervaiz Masih has been accused of committing blasphemy by local villagers. Pervaiz Maish is resident of Garhay Wala a village of District Kasur in Punjab province.

As per details, Pervaiz Masih had a dispute with locals over the issue of a contarct of providng sand. The heated discussion consequently shaped up in blasphemy accusations from Muhammad Khalid an influential man of the village along with several other Muslim villagers.

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Shortly, after Pervaiz Masih was accused of committing blasphemy almost all the Muslim villagers were infuriated over alleged blasphemy suspect. They pressurized the police to register an FIR against Pervaiz Masih.

Moreover, the agitated villagers threatened the police to lodge an FIR containing charges of blasphemy in a local Police Station or else they will set all the houses of Christians in the village on fire.

As a result of intimidation and pressure exerted by local Muslim villagers, police conducted a raid on the house of Pervaiz Maish. Police started harassing and torturing family members of Pervaiz including women in his house. They started interrogating about Pervaiz not take no for an answer to where was Pervaiz. Pervaiz Masih was not at home at the time police raided his house.

When the Christian family did not reveal where Pervaiz was; Police seized family members of his family and transferred them to Police Station in Khadiyaan. The Christians were brutally tortured including females also. Seeing the gravity of the issue, Pevaiz Masih surrendered himself to the police.

When Police detained Pervaiz, the other illegally seized Christians including Shamaun, Dil Awaiz, Karamat and Goga were released from police custody. DPO Kasur took Pervaiz in his custody and transferred him later to an unknown location.

As a result of this incident, entire Christian community is fearful of more backlashes from local Muslims. Soon after the report of this incident reached a local Christian NGO, a team was dispatched to the village. Nonetheless, after meeting the victimized Christian family, when the team from the NGO was on its way back to Lahore, police detained the team also and did not let them leave till two hours.

Purportedly, the police threatened to kill the team if they did not obey the police and after an official arrived at the scene the team was allowed to leave on a condition of rushing out of the areas as soon as possible.

Wife of Pervaiz Masih, namely Zarina Bibi revealed to the team saying, “I and Pervaiz have four Children named Amir 9 years old, Prem 5 years old, Anmol 3 years old and Sanam 7 months old.” She told that Pervaiz was completely innocent; she and Pervaiz worked at a brick kiln while Pervaiz also entertained contracts of soil and sand as part time work.