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Kasur: Indigent Christian goes through the mill after landlords demolish his house


Amanat Masih, a down-and-out Christian and his family left homeless after the landlords demolish his house. Amanat resident of Rajiwala village in Kasur district of Punjab is forced to spend days and nights under open sky as his only shelter has been razed off by the landlords of the village.

Christian cast out of his house by landlord in Kasur district

In keeping with details, Amanat Masih had constructed a house on the property allotted by Ministry of Auqaf. After striving for years, he managed to get connections of electricity and water supply. The advancement did not please the landlords, as Amanat narrates. The landlords started pestering him, eventually cast him out of the house.

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The landlord bulldozed his house and confiscated the property, while shunning him away. Amanat says he was living in this house since last twenty years or so. He said, he is not alone but has to bear the burden of eight children. After rendered homeless, he has nowhere to go and is forced to live under the sky.

“Landlords have bulldozed my house and expropriated the property,” he said. He called upon the authorities and government to take note of the incident and help him regain the possession of the property so that he can rebuild his house.