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Kasur: Influential men terrorize local Christians- extort money and harass young girls


Boozed up influential men, brutally tortured a Christian in Pind Jora- a close by, village of Kasur. The alleged perpetrator Chaudhries namely Naveed Jutt and Yad Jutt attacked Shaukat Masih. The Christian sustained severe injuries as the two drunken men beat him with the butts of pistols.

Persecution of Minorities in Pakistan

National Director of Care Council for Human Rights-Saleem Iqbal reports that Naveed and Yad were customers of Shafique Masih who is a tailor by profession. After Shafique had stitched their clothes he asked for money, consequently, the two men got furious and started beating him. As a result of the bashing, Shafique started bleeding heavily. Due to heavy loss of blood he passed out, the locals rushed him to a nearby hospital.

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Shortly, after the incident, the locals called police, and the two men were hooked initially, however, Shafique says Naveed and Yad have been released as they are from influential families. He said that police is also not willing to take action against the perpetrators.

Shafique further disclosed that the named perpetrators also harass area’s Christian girls. “They have several times tried to extract money from us, they ask us to pay them tax,” he said. These two men have made life miserable for Christians. “I call upon the authorities to take strong action against them,” he urged. Furthermore, he added that Naveed Jutt and Yad Jutt have been terrorizing local Christians, especially young Christian girls.