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Kasur: Villagers threaten to torch houses of Christians after a Muslim girl eloped with a Christian


Christian residents of Dina Nath village, District Kasur in Punjab province, fear an attack by the local Muslims after one of the Christian residents, eloped with a local Muslim girl. The incident has sparked widespread indignation among the Muslim villagers who have threatened to torch houses of the Christian villagers.

Anti-Christians violence in Pakistan

A Christian resident of Dina Nath, Irfan Masih had eloped with a local Muslim girl, which resulted in tensions between the Christian and Muslim villagers. The vexed Muslim villagers had straight away threatened to set houses of all the Christians on fire. After the girl and Iran eloped, family of the girl and Irfan Masih got engaged in a brawl. However, anticipating violence and reprisal, Irfan Masih’ father Sadiq Masih and uncle Manzoor Masih have also fled from the village.

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The local Muslims and the girl’ family have filed a police complaint against Iran Masih, his father Sadiq Masih and his uncle Manzoor Masih. The situation has remained tense in the village, which prompted the father in charge of the local church to inform the police about the looming attack against the Christians.

The priest had submitted an application in the local police station requesting for necessary steps to ensure security of the Christian villagers, and to fend off any possible anti-Christians violence. Christian leaders including Federal Minister of Human Rights Kamran Michael, Punjab Government and the local authorities are urged to take note of escalating situation in Dina Nath village and make sure that peace and law and order are maintained in the village.