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Kenya: 12 killed as a result of rebels’ attack on Christians


Rebels target Christians in Kenya, killing 12. Terror group al-Shabab rebels boast of their attack on the Bishaaro Guest House, Kenya’s northern Mandera County. The incident was confirmed by a Kenyan official on the media on Tuesday, October 25. The group stated that Christians were the target in this attack.

Christian persecution in Kenya

The attack was carried out late night, when the gunmen used hurled grenades and homemade explosives at the guest house. The explosives attack was followed by indiscriminate firing by the gunmen. Witnesses say, the attack was launched at about 2:30 am, when they heard explosions at the main gate.

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Witnesses claim that the gunmen went from room to room and shot at the people inside. “I could see the lights from the torch (flashlight) when they were checking out the room but the collapsed wall had covered me,” she said.

The wave of Al-Shabab’s campaign of attacks targeting Christians had been detrimental for the educational institutes in the Mandera County in Kenya. Owing to frequent attacks on Christians, many Christian teachers have asked for transfer from the region which has resulted in a shortage of teachers in the area.

Kenya’s constitution protects religious freedom of the citizens, including the freedom to openly practice any religion or belief through worship, practice, teaching, or observance. These laws prohibit religious discrimination. Nevertheless, because of government efforts to respond to Al-Shabaab have resulted in extensive targeting of citizens.