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Kenya: Family beats a woman and her two sons who converted to Christianity


Christians in Kenya

NAIROBI: A woman and her sons tortured because they converted to Christianity.

According to, Morning Star News, a Muslim husband resident of eastern Uganda brutally beat and left for dead his wife and 18-year-old son on Tuesday August 11. The incident is reported from Nsinze village, Namutumba District, whereas, media reports have it that, the man learnt about his wife and son’s conversion to Christianity and as a result brutally tortured them.

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In line with details, Issa Kasoono purportedly severely beat and strangled his wife, Jafalan Kadondi, because she had converted to Christianity. However, the woman survived the attack. Witnesses claim that other family members also joined Kasoono in beating Jafalan and her two sons, Ibrahim Kasoono, who is 18-years-old and Ismael Feruza, who is 16-years-old. Nonetheless, Ismael managed to escape the assault with only few bruises on his arm.

Locals revealed that the three victims are being treated at a local treatment centre. Attributable to several injuries from strangling, Jafalan has lost her voice completely having difficulty in eating.

According to a local pastor, “The mother and Ibrahim Kasoono were seriously injured. Ibrahim was hit with a blunt object, had his right arm broken and has stomach pains, while the mother was strangled and sustained neck and throat injuries.”