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Khanewal: Christians annoyed by local authorities’ inaction and neglectfulness


Christians nestled in Khanewal’s Khurram Pura neighborhood, complain about inattention of local authorities. A local Christian Shahzad Francis has voiced concerns about authorities’ reluctance to look into issues of the Christian population of Khurram Pura. This neighborhood is house to a large number of Christians who are facing several civic problems.

Christians' graveyards in Pakistan

Local Christians complain that Counselor Rana Abdul Rehman is inattentive to their problems. They said that during his election campaign he had pledged to solve problems of the Christian community nestled in the neighborhood, however after being elected he never fulfilled his promises. Christians disclosed that they cast their votes to Rana Abdul Rehman against a Christian candidate; thinking that he would fulfill his promises and resolve their problems.

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“It is now his duty to look into our problems and take steps to solve them,” they said. Nonetheless, he has completely turned a blind eye to our problems, they whined. They detailed that land was granted to local Christian community to be used as a cemetery. However due to lack of maintenance and wear and tear over the years, the graveyard has now become abode of drug users.

The boundary wall of the graveyard collapsed long ago, therefore there is now no security or privacy. Social activist Cecil Paul said that there is not enough space left in the graveyard. Christians face problem in finding burial place for their dead. He revealed that local influential men had the gate of the cemetery removed, and there is no gate at the entrance of the graveyard.

Cecil Pual further explained that MNA Muhammad Khan Daha had promised the local Christian community to rebuild the wall around the cemetery and install a gate at the entrance. He has failed to fulfill his promise, till date. A local resident of Khurram Purra, Sadiq Masih said that a large number of Christians had recently moved in from the surrounding villages. As a result local Christian population has swelled, therefore they must be facilitated.

Daniel Sardar, a local activist says that ever since the main gate of the graveyard has been stolen, locals started throwing garbage heaping up piles of trash. He said that this deliberate desecration was brought into the notice of district administration several times, yet no action has been taken on their part.

Local Christians are urging the authorities to take immediate action in order to stop desecration of the graveyard, and take immediate steps to restore the boundary wall and install a gate. They said that leaders who get elected from Christian majority areas overlook their problems after being elected.