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KHANEWAL: Christians Forced To Leave Their Village As A Christian Boy Marries A Muslim Girl


(NOTE: Names haves been withhehld for security purposes)


KHANEWAL: All the Christian families are being forced to leave their village by the local Muslim population.

Christians forced to leave their homes
Christians forced to leave their homes

According to details, the incident took place in a village near khanewal in the Punjab province, all the Christian families are being forced to leave by the Muslims because a Christian married a Muslim woman. The marriage has enraged the local Muslims in this village and so as a consequence, they are now threatening all the Christians to evacuate their homes and leave the village. The Christian families of this village were forced to flee from their homes due to threats from Muslims as they were already terrified by a recent incident when a Christian couple was burnt alive in brick kiln.
A Christians man Salman Masih married a Muslim girl Sameena which sparked this enrage amongst the local Muslim community. A friend of Salman Masih spoke with an international news agency saying that “They were married in October and once the Muslims in the village learned of the marriage they demanded that the young woman be returned or we would bear the consequences.”
However, ever since the secret of this marriage was revealed the couple no longer lives in the village and have fled. When the news of this marriage spread, the Muslims attacked Salman’s family as well as other Christian families in the village. The Muslims demanded that Sameena should be returned at once. Incidentally, Salman’s friend clarified saying, “We told them that Salman is now living in xxx with his wife and that it would be better for them to go and discuss the matter with him there. However, they would not listen. Then, the Muslim woman’s father Mujahid Hussain lodged a complaint with the Shahkot police, accusing Salman and two of his family members with kidnapping. Meanwhile, the entire Muslim community was threatening to kill Salman’s father and all of the village’s Christians.”
Seeing the gravity of the incident, the Christians are pleading for protection from the local police, but so far police has provided no protection or assistance to them. A Police official, from the Shahkot police said, “We have not arrested anyone yet due to the sensitive nature of this case. We will not take any further steps before undergoing a thorough investigation.”