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Khuram Bashir – Doctor of Theology, Cathedral Bible School US


Originally from Dawood Nagar Faisalabad, Khurram Bashir, now feels the prophecy of his grandfather Rev. James Khushi now being fulfilled. Upon his birth, Bashir’s, grandfather had prophesized that he will be a doctor. These words of his grandfather always remained in his heart and kept him going.

After trying his hands in the medical field, Bashir did a Bachelors of Commerce from Faislabad. With a desire to serve the Lord, he enrolled in a Bible College in his home town and earned a degree of theology from there. God them opened the door for him to go to Cathedral Bible College in United States and earn a Doctorate of Theology in Ministry Degree and also an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree because of his life experience of Missions in Pakistan and USA.

Khurram Bashir strongly believes it was the Holy Spirit that kept him going and by His grace he was able to achieve which not many form our country can. Bashir is now running Khuram Bahir Ministries in US and his family is also committed to serving the Lord back home in Faislabad. His ministry has a vision to reach the lost and unsaved people with the power of the Gospel and serve the community through evangelism, discipleship and missions.

Thankful and humbled after his achievement, Bashir is now more ready than ever to diligently serve the Lord and has a mission to start a radio ministry service in the United States. The first show of his radio ministry will be aired on 6 June 2015 and will be broadcast on 375 stations through out the United Sates.