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Khurram Patras: Pakistani Christian Rising Star


Khurram Patras

Khurram Patras, son of Patras Masih was born on 6th Sept, 1983 in Lahore, Pakistan. This young Christian Pakistani talent does not hail from a popular family nor does he possess strong ties to the film and television industry in Pakistan but he has proved his mettle in a short frame of time.

Coming from a small Christian family in Lahore, Khurram gained his basic education at Saint Mary’s Catholic School and soon started working to make ends meet. He used to work at a garments factory when few of his friends forced him to join them for auditions that were being held in Lahore. After initial apprehension, Khurram joined them for the auditions. He was among the 2000 people who were auditioned that day.

Life went on and Patras forgot all about the audition. A couple of months later he was contacted again and was told that he had been selected for a movie ‘Zinda Bhaag.’ Mazhar Zaidi, the producer of the film offered the lead role to Patras stating that he will have to leave his job if he wanted to sign the movie.

Zaidi was also a new producer in the industry and Patras finally took the life changing decision and signed the movie. This was his first ever project with Mateela Films and all his co-actors were also new comers. The movie proved to be a super hit and was nominated for an Oscar Award becoming the first commercial Pakistani movie to be nominated in the Oscars. Patras was nominated for the Best Actor and Best New Comer for the movie in ARY Film Awards. He won the Lux Style Award for his performance in the critically acclaimed movie.

After having risen to prominence after marking his debut in film by playing the role of Khaldi in 2013, Patras set new standards by working in the television industry, his most prominent project being ‘Haq Meher’ on ARY Digital. It is a Six Sigma Productions project, which is one of the most popular production houses of present times. Patras is shooting for another project in Bangkok which still remains unnamed.

After Patras had become famous and was recognized for his talent, he was offered to change his name because his surname suggested his Christian faith. Patras plainly refused the offer stating that this is my way of letting the world know that someone from the Christian Community in Pakistan is capable of achieving what he has. Patras is also actively involved in the church and social work in his area when possible.