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Khushal Town fracas: Dismayed Christians soothed after police officials pledge austere action against assaulters


Christian residents of Khushal Town-a neighborhood in Faisalabad express satisfaction followed by assurance from the police officials of Saddar Police Station, over the incident of attack on Christians’ houses. In a social media statement a local Christian stated: “We are thankful to DSP Salaam and SHO Farooq Ranjha from Saddar Police Station for their cooperation with the victimized Christians of Khushal Town.”

Mob beats Christians in Faisalabad

It was further stated that Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs Khalil Tahir Sindhu had been instrumental in the follow up of the incident as the legal procedures are being supervised by him. DSP Salaam and SHO had assured the oppressed party of including charges of breaking in the houses of Christians in Street 3 and 4 of Khushal Town, assaulting them and beating their women.

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On August 19, Friday Christian residents of the Faisalabad’ neighborhood landed into trouble after Adnan Masih a local Christians accidentally hit a Muslim with his motorcycle. The person hit is said to be brother-in-law of an influential local. Despite repeated apologies from Adnan Masih the agitated victim was unwilling to let off easy. He and others violently beat Adnan and spread rumor of a Christian-Muslim clash.

Following the incident, a mob of about 50 to 60 men launched an assault against the Christians and targeted every Christian they could lay their hands on. An eye witness revealed that the mobsters were armed with hockey sticks while some of them were even brandishing guns.

The mobsters took hold of several Christian men of the neighborhood, bashed them relentlessly and humiliated them by calling “Choora”- a term oftentimes used to degrade Christians. The eye-witness further revealed that some of the Christian women were also assaulted by the mobsters. An FIR was, however, registered against the alleged perpetrator and his accomplices who were involved in attacking Christians of Khushal Town.