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Kiling of Christians in Middle East should be accounted as “genocide” an Iraqi priest urges


Iraqi priest

Islamic State’s persecution of Christians in Iraq should be accepted as genocide.

According to media reports, Archbishop Bashar Warda, an Iraqi prelate during his recent visit to the Unites States has tried to portray the true colours of persecution of Christians at the hands of ISIS. He also met members of the press, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the State Department, and urged the Americans to recognize the brutality as genocide.

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“If the (U.S.) government accepts that this is genocide, then the people are not forgotten,” he said. “Genocide status would help the world not repeat the same mistakes and sins of the past. The world cannot just watch and say, ‘It’s a pity.’ We cannot wait another 20 years. Do justice to Iraqi Christians. Give them hope.”

Archbishop Warda was invited by Sister Dede Byrne from Little Workers.’ Sister Dede Byrne visited Irbil with a Georgetown University medical student earlier this summer, and urged Archbishop Warda to come to Washington to give Americans a real sense of the terrible situation, Christians are in.

According to Human Rights Watch, the onslaught of Islamic State has left Iraq with more than 2 million internally displaced people. “ISIS has committed numerous atrocities, including suicide attacks in civilian areas, summary executions, sexual assault and forced marriage, and the killings of religious and ethnic minorities.” HRW states.