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King Abdullah Of Jordan Praises Pope Francis


King Abdullah of Jordan praises Pope Francis’ remarks that religions must not be offended.

King Abdullah priases Pope Francis
King Abdullah priases Pope Francis

According to fides, the views expressed by Pope Francis after the Charlie Hebdo controversy were appreciated by King Abdullah II. During his recent visit to Asia, Pope Francis remarked that there is the need to settle limits to the freedom of expression as he urged respect for religions and religious symbols. Pope Francis was praised and supported by King Abdullah II of Jordan, during a meeting with the leaders of the Bedouin tribe of Beni Sakhr.

Archbishop Maroun Lahham, Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem said, “King Abdullah made explicit reference to the words expressed by the Pope on the fact that freedom of expression is a right, and in some cases even a duty, but at the same time it has limits, and cannot offend the religious beliefs of others. The monarch defined these considerations positive”.

Archbishop went on to say that while focusing on the issue of Islamic extremism, King Abdullah repeated that extremists do not represent true Islam and that the reputation of Muslims must be protected and defended.