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Kot Radha Kishan: Christian teacher physically tortured and harassed for standing up against religious discrimination


A Pakistani Christian teacher Musa Attique was bashed and recurrently harassed by fellow teachers at a government school as he raised his voice against religious extremism nurtured at the school. Musa who was employed as a teacher at the Government High School number 1, Ambanwala, Kot Radha Kishan in District Kasur landed into miry pit when regularly started opposing his colleagues who incited hate against other religions.

Musa Attique Masih persecuted for his faith

“On March 19, 2015, they even attempted to force me into conversion, however, God was my helper,” he states in a letter to Christians in Pakistan. He further detailed his ordeal that on September 15, 2015 one of his colleagues Muhammad Akbar stormed into his class and started bashing him violently, “I had to run to the principals’ office to save my life.”

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There is an environment of extreme religious bigotry, daily during the morning assembly insults were hurled at Christians and other non-Muslims, he states. “I have had heated arguments with my fellow teachers over these issues several times.” Ever since I was assaulted by Akbar, school administration has taken no action against him.

He further referred to another incident when another school teacher Muhammad Sarwar uttered awfully hateful words about Christian faith, “I have recorded his speech.” I have implored the concerned E.D.O, DCO, CM Punjab, Governor Punjab, Christian leader and various Human Rights organizations for help, thus far I have not been succored.

Situation worsened to an extent that I had serious concerns about my life, there were brewing up chances of fallacious blasphemy case being forged against me by my fellow teachers, he disclosed. In order to ward off violence, the school administration transferred me to the Deputy D.E.O.’ office.

My fellow teachers had launched and disseminated propaganda against me as I was continuously standing up against their extremist outlook. Knowing that already much hate has been incited against me I anticipate reprisal from the local extremists as I fear for the lives of my wife and children as well. “I am seeking protection from the higher authorities,” he beseeched.