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Kuwait sends humanitarian aid to the persecuted Iraqi Christians taking refuge in Erbil


Iraqi Christians

Kuwait sends aid to the persecuted and displaced Iraqi Christians, now taking refuge in Kurdistan.

In line with details, the Consulate of Kuwait in Irbil had delivered humanitarian aid to the distressed Christians families who had fled from Iraq’s ancient Nineveh plains. The packages of humanitarian aid included, food and other essential items required for surviving on daily basis.

At this occasion, the Consul General of Kuwait- Al-Kandari said that he had earlier visited the kindergarten to meet the children of these persecuted Christian families. He said, that he asked them about heir situation, while at the same time, he distributed necessary items to them.

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Currently, in Erbil, there are about 14,000 Christian families who had fled from Iraq. On the whole among the refugees, there are about 150,000 children who have been suffering from lack of food, and other basic necessities of life for day to day survival.

Previously, in June, Kuwait had donated about 200 million, US Dollars to the displaced Iraqis who had fled from the terror group Islamic State. The donation was meant for the Iraqis who had been forced to live in severe living conditions; furthermore, the Kuwait Red Crescent Society had been continuously delivering aid to the displaced Iraqis taking refuge in Iraq and Kurdistan.

In August 2014, the terror group ISIS had taken control over large swathes of Iraq; especially the cradle of Christianity-the Nineveh plains. Religious minorities including Christians, Yazidis, Shabak, Yarsans and Shiites live in these areas.

Ever since the terror group advanced, tens of thousands of people have fled from their cities, towns, homes etc. Islamic State had reportedly, carried out genocide of Christians and Yazidis, marked by beheadings, shootings, sexual abuse, kidnappings and other forms of violence.