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Labour Day rumination: Child labour must be curtailed says Pakistani Christian entrepreneur


Pakistani Christian entrepreneur Sarfraz Gill has emphasized upon the curtailing of ‘Child Labour,” in the country. Commemorating the sacrifices of people he stated: “Many people have sacrificed their lives during the Haymarket Massacre which was held in the Chicago during the strike of workers.”

Labour Day 2017

Labour Day or May Day, he went on explain is celebrated, “to commemorate the event of Haymarket Massacre as well as to promote the social and economic achievements of the working group people.” Prior to this, labourers were forced to strive amidst severely harsh conditions.

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Labour Day is observed in order to venerate the struggles of the workers and labourers as well as celebrating and promoting eight-hours of work for labourers. “Earlier the working condition of the laborer was very severe and working hours was 10 to 16 hour a day even in the unsafe conditions,” Sarfraz Gill noted.

“Deaths, injuries and other dreadful conditions of the workers were very common at the workplace during the 1860’s and working people were very agitated throughout the workday until the 8-hour workday was declared.” Further detailing the history of the struggles of labourers he stated that as a consequence of rising deaths of working class people (men, women and children) employed in industries there was an inevitable need to raise voice against the human rights abuse of workers. Followed by backbreaking struggles; eight-hour’ work was declared as the legal time for the workers in the national convention at Chicago in 1884 by the American Federation of Labor.

Reflecting upon the struggles labourers had put in he stated: “Reliable witnesses testified that all the pistol flashes came from the center of the street, where the police were standing, and none from the crowd. Moreover, initial newspaper reports made no mention of firing by civilians. A telegraph pole at the scene was filled with bullet holes, all coming from the direction of the police.”

“We pay tribute to The Martyrs of Chicago; they represent the struggle for labor rights.” He paid homage to the labourers across the globe saying their efforts and work are valuable. At the same time he shed light on valuable services of Pakistani Christians who had been instrumental in national progress.

Due to lack of education, majority of Pakistani Christians are working as labourers. “Pakistani Christians are playing their vital role for the progress and development of our beloved homeland Pakistan,” however now is the time that we must pay attention to educating our children he said.

“It is very important and essential for us to focus on our children education to make them shining stars of near future. We must have to stop child labour across the country and must have to play our role to report such violations to concerned authorities such as Human Rights Commission of Pakistan,” he stated.

Sarfraz Gill expressed concerns about blue-callers workers saying: “Today, Labour in Pakistan is facing a lot of challenges and at the federal level, the Ministry of Labour and Manpower is responsible for labour and employment development. We request to the authorities to bring essential policies where a common person can be benefited and our country can grow.”