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Lahore: 12 days past, abducted Christian still not recovered, family calls for help


Saleem Iqbal-National Director, Care Council for Human Rights reports that a pastor’son could not be recovered after twelve days of abduction. The incident took place in Lakho Dehr, which falls in the jurisdiction of Manawan Police Station. Unknown men had abducted Pastor Buta Masih’ son on May 31, who is still missing.

Christian kidnapped by unknown men

Emmanuel Jan, 25-year-old, son of Pastor Buta Masih works a Operation Theatre in charge at a local hospital. His father told that Emmanuel Jan is a man of noble character and locals, his acquaintances can testify to his upright character. “Our son has no criminal record, the entire neighborhood can testify to his nobleness,” grieving parents of the abductee said.

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Abductee’ sobbing sister said, “We were on our way back to home, as he picked me up from my workplace. Suddenly unknown men stopped us, they asked me to go home myself while identified themselves as police men. “ Since that time, my brother has been missing, she said.

Pastor Buta Masih and his wife said, “Our son is well-educated, and works part-time at Zainab Laboratory as Admin Officer.” We cannot comprehend what is the intention of the kidnappers. We have no clue who kidnappers are, they added. We call upon the authorities specially the government to take note of the kidnapping, and make sure that Emmanuel Jan is recovered from the custody of the kidnappers.