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Lahore: 12-years-old abducted Christian boy recovered after 17 hours


12-year-old Zeeshan Liaquat recovered by police, followed by an obdurate protest from the Christians and the family of the abductee. Police claims Christian lad was recovered from Sheikhupura, and was safely handed over to his parents on July 24. He was abducted from a market on July 23, when he had gone to a nearby shop to buy something.

Rising child abduction in Punjab

In line with report by Shahzad Khalid a minorities’ rights activist, after several hours, police failed to make progress in the investigations which angered his family who contacted him for help. Abductee’s family urged Shahzad Khalid to facilitate them to stage a protest in order to voice their plight. Subsequently, a protest was staged near Metro cash and carry Ravi road.

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Shahzad Khalid reports, during the protest he was approached by DSP (Deputy Superintendent police) who asked him to halt the ongoing protest and clear the area. Later, SP (Superintendent of city police) asked him to clear the road while ensuring that the police is making every possible effort to recover the abducted boy.

Nonetheless, the protestors were unyielding and in few hours’ time, police informed the Liaquat Masih that his son has been located near Shikhupura at Phikhy police station. Later, around 2 am. The child was handed over to his family and the protest was called off.

Despite Zeeshan’s recovery, the situation remains grave as Punjab has been hit by a wave of surging child abduction. Activist Shahzad Khalid explains during the protest he was intimidated by the police to suspend the protest or else he will be embroiled in a fake case.