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Lahore: 24-year-old Christian abductee forcefully given in marriage to her abductor


Abductor of a 24-year-old Christian girl Marriam Mushtaq who was abducted from Lahore’ Bahar Colony, claims she has married him after accepting Islam. What is more, he has presented a marriage certificate to the police claiming that it was not abduction, it was marriage.

Pakistani Christian girls forcefully converted

Marriam Mushtaq who was abducted on gunpoint, reportedly by three men. The incident took place in front of Saint Thomas School in Bahar Colony; as she was on her way to attend classes at an adult education center right in front of the Saint Thomas School.

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Marriam’s 11-year-old brother Youhan, who was with her at that time, said a man whose face was covered got out of a white colored Toyota car dragged Marriam inside the car and sped off. Youhan started yelling and called for help. Few boys who were on motorbikes followed the car until Muslim Town. Eye witnesses disclosed that the abductors’ car number was LEA 5393.

Initially, the police was reluctant to file an FIR but after Marriam’ family staged a protest in front of Nawaz Sharif’ house in Model Town, an FIR was filed. Two days after her kidnapping, Marriam’ mother received a phone call from the police station only to be informed that her daughter Marriam had married a Muslim man Muhammad Ali and it was not an incident of kidnapping.

Police informed her that 32-year-old Muhammad Ali had presented documents of his marriage with Marriam. Strikingly, the marriage certificate presented by Muhammad Ali lists her religion as Islam. Marriam’ family claims Muhammed Ali, is one of the kidnappers, and that Marriam would never willingly marry a Muslim. They maintain that she is being held against her will and has been forced into marriage.

On the other hand, soon after the news of her abduction spread among the local Christians they expressed indignation and staged a protest on Lahore’ Ferozepur Road urging the Chief Minister of Punjab to take action and ensure a safe release of the Christian girl. They urged for protection of the Christian girls in order to avoid incidents of this kind in future.